Alex J. Robinson
That pretty blonde from the Ontario Tourism commercial is forging a name for herself, and her 2nd album, ‘The Getaway’ will confirm that she’s a woman with a powerful voice and the talent to match......[more]
When asked what sub-genre of metal ENDAST fits into, guitarist and band founder Chris Arsenian is quick to set critics straight. "We're a metal band, straight up. We play metal. End of story."...[more]
Greig Nori
FromTreble Charger, SUM 41, Iggy Pop to Ludacris, and everyone in-between, Greig has become one of the most respected producers around, earning several Top Ten hits in Canada and around the globe......[more]
Howie D
After achieving massive international success with the Backstreet Boys, Howie D is now stepping into the next phase of his music career with his debut solo album, “Back To Me”....[more]
Kari Kimmel
Kari Kimmel's songs and voice have been featured in over 100 film and television shows: Shall We Dance, The Hills, The Gilmore Girls, WALL-E, Ella Enchanted, Grey's Anatomy, Dreamgirls, Private Practice, and Pretty Little Liars....[more]
Mat Joly
A solo artist that has found new creative territories as both a writer and a vocalist. Ranging from compellingly rock to dance floor-crashing songs. Joly is opening his eyes to his own potential....[more]
Organ Thieves
...a group of musicians with unique talents and life experiences who have formed together to create something truly remarkable......[more]
Platinum Blonde
Platinum Blonde is back, but don’t call it a reunion. In reality, it’s more like the band has simply taken a finger off of the pause button...[more]
The New Cities
The New Cities are primed to bring their own form of urban renewal to the Canadian pop-music scene and beyond...[more]
Treble Charger
The band steadily built their stellar reputation and ever-expanding loyal following by staying true to their creative momentum…...[more]
The Canadian hard-rock power trio Triumph stands out as a visionary, uniquely influential entity among their fellow brethren. Virtuoso musicianship, soaring melodies and exceptional songs with a positive perspective and outstanding live shows that definedand epitomized arena rock....[more]

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