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Organ Thieves are proud to announce the release of ‘Somewhere Between Free Men and Slaves’ on iTunes

Toronto punk/rock band Organ Thieves are proud to announce the release of their first studio album Somewhere Between Free Men and Slaves on iTunes. Physical release coming out on MapleMusic Recordings on May 22nd, 2012.

To stamp a definitive date on when the Organ Thieves formed isn’t an easy link. The abridged story goes like this: While the idea of the band had been ruminating for several years, it took a series of unexpected pushes forward for vocalist Chuck Coles to transform the band he started in 2008 as a largely acoustic, one-man side project into the four member outfit it is today.

The band is comprised of Coles (vocals and guitar), Mike Smith (bassist), Dave Baksh (guitar, formerly of Sum 41), and Theo McKibbon (drums). When Coles left the band Cauterize he joined Baksh’s heavy metal band Brown Brigade. While playing with the band, Coles began delving into the volumes of half-written material he had shelved while playing with other bands and ultimately made it his focus. Calling on childhood friend Smith to help him out, the three of them set out to find drummer McKibbon. Instead of using the music Coles had been working on for years, the band began writing new material that was influenced by drawing on their common history of having been raised in working class families, as well as placing focus on facing issues like domestic violence, the abuse of women, substance abuse and other social issues. The band took on a sound of punk rock, metal, reggae and classic rock.

“It took us this long for a reason,” says Coles. “We wanted to figure out what we wanted to say and to make sure we were doing things for the right reasons.”

Organ Thieves - Somewhere Between Free Men and Slaves

1-Simon’s Wine
2-Daddy’s Little Girl
4-False Flag
7-Just Another Gun in the War Machine
8-Come On Down
9-Pale Horse
10-Fix the Hearts of the Hollow
12-Your Princess is in Another Castle

Produced by Greig Nori (Sum 41, Iggy Pop, Marianas Trench), Somewhere Between Free Men and Slaves, the musical landscape the band has plotted out is clear. There is no need for explanations with the album’s wrenching vocals, crisp guitar and pounding rhythm, the music is for outsiders, or a soundtrack for an uprising. Evocative of the intensity of influences ranging from Bad Religion and The Clash, to Tom Waits and The Pixies, the band has poured every last ounce of intensity in the 12 songs.

Check out Coles singing an acoustic version of “Your Princess Is In Another Castle” a track off of Somewhere Between Free Men and Slaves here.

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