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Saint Alvia’s “Mother’s Day” available now on iTunes – Help them raise $5000 for Chairty!

Here’s your first look at material from Saint Alvia’s upcoming 3rd album “Static Psalms” with the 1st single “Mothers Day” Now Available on iTunes & Bandcamp!

A portion of the proceeds are going to The Keep a Breast Foundation and I AM THAT
Please Share this info and help Saint Alvia raise $5000 for these great organizations.

“A few years ago my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. Having lost family to cancer in the past, I was feeling less than optimistic. Around this time, we had just started tackling the task of writing our third studio album. After the news of my Mom I went on auto pilot. The next few weeks are a blur and I would have frequent emotional explosions of anger or tears. I hadn’t told any of my friends that this was going on because I didn’t want to alarm anyone and I don’t think I wanted to admit it out loud. The first time I told the fellas in the band was when Greg had a song he was working on and he was looking for melody and lyrics. I told him I had something. These lyrics seemed to fall out of me like I was reading out of a card or I was channeling a long buried feeling of guilt. Telling the guys at practice this way was the only way I could let it out and the fellas were there for me and understanding. As luck would have it, a few weeks later we received a call and we found out that my Mom had a misdiagnosis. She was going to be fine. When she informed me of this, I was riding with my friend Sam and I think I may have dented the roof of his car flailing my arms in joy. I realize that most cancer stories don’t end in happy endings like this, although everyone prays they will. That’s why we are donating proceeds of our iTunes download of “Mother’s Day” to The Keep a Breast Foundation and I AM THAT as we wish to support women’s physical,mental & emotional health. Please give generously as we all only have one “Mom”.” – Love, Ben Rispin & Saint Alvia


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