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Saint Alvia release new single ‘Mother’s Day’ with hopes of raising $5000 for women’s cancer charity.

After almost four years out of the spotlight (the) Saint Alvia (cartel) have returned with their first single “Mother’s Day” from their new album “Static Psalms”. Teaming up with The Keep A Breast Foundation ( to release “Mother’s Day”, proceeds of the song’s digital download will help to raise money for cancer research and women’s health. The goal has been set; Try to raise $5000. for Keep a Breast Canada (KABC) by Mother’s Day 2012.

The lyrics of the song are a very personal message from the band, and Saint Alvia front man Ben Rispin had this to say: “A few years ago my Mom was diagnosed with Cancer. Having lost family to cancer in the past, I was feeling less than optimistic” adding, ” These lyrics seemed to fall out of me like I was reading out of a card or channelling some sort long buried feeling of guilt.” Relieved he continues, “We received a call and found out that it was in fact a misdiagnosis. I realize that most cancer stories don’t end like this although everyone prays they will – that’s why we decided to donate proceeds of the song in hopes that other people will have the ending to their stories they deserve.”

Forever and always pushing forward into the unknown, (the) Saint Alvia (cartel) are back exploring musical boundaries with their new album “Static Psalms” (produced by the band and Greig Nori – and due for release later this year). Maintaining the spirit of bands like The Clash and The Band, with influences ranging from 20’s era blues to modern lo-fi, these two-time Juno nominees have been lying low perfecting a personal sound and formula. Saint Alvia’s dirty, hook laden sound successfully draws on classic blues mixed with a DC post punk vibe and invoking a mod flare.

While the band are planning to releasing their new album “Static Psalms” in the near future (and more new music from the album will be made available very soon), Saint Alvia would like to keep everyone’s focus for the time being on “Mother’s Day” and the important goal of raising $5000. to fund cancer research and women’s health.

(the) Saint Alvia (cartel) are: Greg Taylor – vocals / guitar, Ben Rispin – vocals, Greg Fisher – bass / guitar, Matt Richmond – drums, Jon Laurin – keyboards.

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Mother’s Day Video
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